Zhihao Xu


徐智昊 (Zhihao Xu)

(+86)159-5202-6818 | astonaxu@me.com | Nanjing University

WeChat: astonxu

Nanjing University Sep 2016 - Jun 2020

School of Electronic Science and Engineering

Major: Communication Engineering;

GPA: 4.51/5.00 (top 10%, academic ranking);

Relevent Coursework: Calculus (96), Linear Algebra (86), Theory of Probability & Stochastic Process (94), Theoretical Mechanics

(91), Digital Circuit (93), Digital Signal Processing (89), C Language Programming & Data Structure (93), Theory of Electromagnetic

Field & Microwave Technology (96), Theory of Automatic Control (95);

Honors/Awards: the Second-Class People's Scholarship (for top 10% students) (2017), the Second-Class People's Scholarship (for

top 10% students) (2018).

Research on Intelligent Scheduling Method for No-traffic-light Intersections at Regional Level

Based on Reinforcement Learning

Nov 2018 - Mar 2019

We put forward a scheduling scheme for traffic flow in a none-traffic-light multi-junction area by using Q-Learning algorithm (one of

the reinforcement learning methods).

An Optimization Design of the Read-out Circuit in a Superconductive Nanowire Single Photon


Nov 2018 - Mar 2019

We designed a new radio-frequency amplifier and a biaser (Bias-Tee), and drew their PCB layout with Altium Designer;

The tests of that new amplifier showed that it has the ability to amplifiy a mV-level votage pulse 400 times at a frequency of 100Ghz.

Research on Unmanned Vehicle Communication Technology in No Traffic Signal


Oct 2017 - Sep 2018

We proposed a scheduling scheme for no-traffic-light intersections using a mathematical optimization model, and implemented this

algorithm using Python. We also generated a demo video with 3D Unity software;

Our achievements had been concluded in the paper "A Proactive Non-Signalized Intersection Management Design for Automated


We took part in the 2018 IEEE COMSOC Student Competition with that paper and were awarded "Honorary Certificate" (top 10


Beijing Fengyun Vision Technology Feb 2019 - Present

Working as a day-to-day contact person with FaceBook Inc (including the simulation system setup on their side, troubleshooting,

Github management, 3D scene creation etc.).

Participating in 3D reconstruction using ISET (Image System Engineering Toolbox) and modified the parameters of the 3D model

with MATLAB.

Created and adjusted 3D models with Cinema 4D and Blender, and rendered the models with pbrt(v3);

Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Jul 2018 - Aug 2018

Selected to join "Excellent engineer training program" and participated in the packaging process of integrated circuit chip


Got the “Excellent Intern” title (for top 10% trainees).

College Student Union, Outreach Division Oct 2016 - Present

2018-present: Served as Vice President of the Student Union, made overall planning for the whole student union;

2017-2018: Served as Vice Minister of Outreach Department, organised the "party for freshman" and many other activites;

2016-2017: Served as a member of Outreach Department of the Student Union, communicated with local companies and

businesses, and got ¥6000 of sponorship in total to support the activities of the student union;

Skills: C language, Verilog-HDL, Matlab, Python, Praat, LaTex, Altium Designer, Quartus;

Languages: Chinese (native), English (CET-6);

Interests: Chinese zither (National Certification Level-10), Clarinet (National Certification Level -9).